Name Place Tour Date/ Year Back link
Reference Sandra Meier, - Switzerland North India August & September 2018 Read More
Reference Cynthia S., Germany; Pat & Julia Washington D. C., USA October 2017 Read More
Reference Carly & Kevin Germany North India March-April 2016 Read More
North India Luxury Group Tour North India 2014 Read More
Gaudenz & Kalinda P., Carmel, CA North to South India Private Tour 2013 Read More
Molly M. & Paul O., Lake Oswego, Central & South India Private 2013 Read More
Fresno State Journal article on India - Madhubani Art Workshop Study Tour February 2011 Read More
Fresno State India-Madhubani Art Workshop Article on India - Madhubani Art Workshop 2011-Feedback & Review Read More
Cheryl & Karen R. & Patricia Gayle H., Stockton, CA - North India & Nepal Culture Private Tour - Read More
Moises L. & Linda C., Houston, TX Golden Triangle Tour booked & confirmed in 24 hours - Read More
Clovis chamber of commerce north west india group tour India Group Tour with Tiger Safari & Pushkar Camel Fair Oct./Nov.2008 Read More
Northern India Study Tour Fresno State Certificate North India 2007 Read More
Art & Culture of - Fresno State Magazine Article-2 Northern India Study Group Tour 2006-7 Read More
Art & Culture of - North India Study Tour Northern India Study Group Tour 2006-7 Read More
Fresno Bee Article on India Study Tour - Read More
Mrs. Ovnat, Mr. Samuel Ovnat and Mrs. H. Ford (Israely Ambassador to Burma) Agra - Read More
Mahathir Muhammad, Prime Minister of Malaysia Agra - Read More
British Author and TV narrator Agra , Fatehpur Sikri - Read More
President, International Court of Justice, Hague Agra - Read More
Mexican Executive Director, World Bank Agra - Read More
Lord Diplock, Lord Judge ,Privy-Council Agra - Read More

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